The 7-Second “Tropical Secret”
That I used to Melt Away 67lbs!

How I Went From
207 To A Jaw-Dropping 140!

I'm Linda, a 62-year-old retired event planner from Savannah, Georgia. Let me share with you how I wound up in better shape NOW at my age, than I can remember for decades.

How did this Happen to Me?

How did I reached the lowest point in my life (or should I say my HIGHEST point on the SCALE!!) and how I got to where I am today - Happy and Healthy?
After a lifetime of hosting and running grand events, I suddenly found myself too exhausted to even plan a simple gathering with friends.
But it wasn't always that way.
I remember back in my 20s and 30s when I used to:

Buzz with energy from dawn till dusk
Keep a slender silhouette despite a diet of pizzas and burgers
Indulge in whatever I fancied, whenever I desired, without worrying about weight gain
​Stay fit with minimal effort, rarely setting foot in a gym
​And wear any outfit or swimsuit with absolute confidence!

Then after 40, EVERYTHING Went Downhill, FAST...

40 hit me like a Freight Train!
All of a sudden, my once slim and trim figure became a magnet for pounds and bulge in all the wrong places.
It seemed my metabolism had SLOWED to a crawl.
I had very little energy throughout the day.
I would go to bed earlier at night, hoping that would help me make it through the next day.
Some nights I’d even sleep 12 HOURS, and still be dragging the next day!
My health was deteriorating, and I didn’t realize at the time how BAD it had gotten.
Worst of all, I felt so uncomfortable in my own flabby skin that I didn't even WANT to gather with friends. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this.
Not even my friends and family who love me the most unconditionally.

Not at all the Retirement I envisioned

So there I was, finally at retirement, suppose to be enjoying this time in my life after decades of service to others. Instead, I was bogged down by an overwhelming sense of shame from all the excess weight that I had gained.
Physically, even simple tasks were becoming difficult to perform - from bending over to tie my shoe to walking to the mailbox. Every joint in my body ached. I wasn't sleeping well, therefore I was always exhausted.
Mentally, I felt in a fog - not only from the sleep deprivation but also just overwhelmed at times with a sense of despair and depression.
I knew something had to change. This was not me, and not who I wanted to be for the rest of my life through my retirement years.
So I began to experiment with every “kitchen fix” in the book - Atkins, vegan, intermittent fasting, nasty drinks, rabbit food…
You name it, I tried it. Nothing clicked. I felt like I was losing and gain the same 10lbs over and over and OVER again.
I joined various fitness groups, from water aerobics to Zumba classes. I was moving, but my energy was still missing in action.
My carefree leisure time became a slave to the clock once again. Do this at this time, eat that at that time. It was just too much.
It was just so hard to stick with any of these things long term.
The result was, that all of these attempts and failures just left my mind and body in a worse place than when I started. 

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Then a Girl's Day Out changed EVERYTHING

It wasn’t at an expensive health retreat or a medical clinic where I found my answer - I already tried one of those - you know where they tell you all the things you have done wrong your entire adult life - how it's all your fault - poor choices, poor genetics - and then want you to spend the rest of your life on this or that which may or may not do any good. No, it was actually a Girl's Day Out to a neighborhood summer festival last year, right here in Savannah.
And I didn't even want to go on a Girl's Day Out. I dreaded being out in public. Figuring out something comfortable to wear, walking around all morning, chancing running into anyone that I knew - well it was just not my idea of fun. It was the last thing that I wanted to do on a Saturday morning, especially with Barbara. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my friend Barbara, but she is so bubbly and happy and outgoing and full of energy. And she has maintained her figure - maybe deep down I was a tad bit jealous. She is STILL everything that I USE to be and that I have been unable to find myself back again. Unknowingly to her, she is a constant reminder of that fact.
I finally had to accept that now I had become the token Fat Friend, and gave in. Yes, Barbara, I will go with you to the Summer Festival.
Well, I am glad that Barbara convinced me to get out of the house and go. It would change the rest of my life for the better - FOREVER.
You see, it was there at the festival, that Barbara lead me straight to a little booth decorated with tropical vibes and vibrant color. Once there, she introduced me to the holistic health practitioner.
The holistic health practitioner then began to share with me the tropical secret to transformation and better health.
She showed me a weight-shedding miracle, bypassing the usual diets and sweat sessions, that she promised would just take me mere seconds each morning, or even at bedtime.
She explained to me how it liquefies fat cells into nothing. How it helps to activate something called "brown fat". She shared with me how thousands and thousands of women all across the country have already experienced their own transformations.
Seeing my skepticism, she said, “Linda, what you need isn’t another complicated fitness plan or unbearable ‘health drink’. What you need is this - this 7-second routine, a tropical secret.”
Even Barbara could also see my hesitation. She took my hand and looked me in the eyes and said, "Listen Linda. I have been so worried about you. I know you've tried everything else. You really should give this one a try too. At least this one has a Money-Back Guarantee. And confession time, I have been doing it myself. It has helped me to keep everything in check."

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"7 Seconds? Yeah Right!" is what I was thinking.

I was the queen of skeptics, but their assurance and the simplicity of the method intrigued me. And knowing that my friend could see that I needed an intervention to save myself was a real eye-opener.
I visited the webpage that she shared with me, that revealed this secret that involved a little known “hack” that people in certain tropical zones have been using for centuries.
An Ancient hack merged with modern day science technology for the sake of CONVENIENCE to make it so easy to do every day - just 7 seconds in the morning - yet all the same benefits.
And there was no doubt, my friend Barbara looked great! That fact was undeniable and in the flesh! Now I know why she is the picture of health and vitality. I wanted that for myself.
So, I gave it a go the very next morning.
The initial changes were subtle at first, but soon, the transformation was everything that I had hoped for. Before long:
I slipped back into my favorite party dress that had been tucked away for years!
​My energy surged – I was organizing get-togethers and feeling the life of the party again.
​My love for food returned, yet I didn’t have worry about what I ate or the weight coming back on.
​All these changes had ZERO to do with my diet and exercise.
The most remarkable part? I was the energetic, sociable Linda again, the one my family and friends missed dearly - the one that I missed dearly.

7 Second Tropical Secret

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7 Second Tropical Secret

But Would This "New Me" Last?

It's been almost a year now, and I'm thrilled to say, the change is here to stay.
The “7-Second Tropical Secret” has completely changed my body, my mood, and even my outlook on life.
My husband, who teased me at first, now joins me in this daily practice. Let’s just say… he’s even more handsome than ever and our relationship has a new spark, even at our age - if ya know what I mean *wink*
And here’s more things that I have noticed since I started doing this:

Feeling Decades Younger: It’s like the clock’s been turned back. My enthusiasm for life is back! I feel 30 again!
Meal Satisfaction: No more constant cravings. No more constant snacking. I’m content and full after meals.
Enjoying Treats Guilt-Free: Yes, I’m savoring all my favorite desserts without regret!
​Improved Wellness: My doctor is amazed at every checkup. My blood work always looks great!
​Sound Sleep: Nights are now about deep, peaceful sleep and waking up refreshed every morning, ready to face the day!

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Thankfully I followed my heart

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's my new reality. It is what I wake up to every morning now. Every day, I could not be happier with my life.
Now, I totally love who I am. I'm the "REAL ME" again.
Now, I don't have to worry about my health—now or in the future. My doctor was shocked at my last check up. He was amazed at just how good my numbers look now.
Now, I can go out with friends and family.
Now, I have energy to keep up with my grandkids.
Now, I can finally really enjoy my retirement.
All because I learned about this tropical metabolic trick. Who would've guessed it was all possible with:
1. No need to change eating habits
2. No need for exercise
3. It worked VERY quickly
“And, it only takes about 7 seconds each day.”
Naturally some people are starting to ask me what I'm doing to get results so fast.
So, I put a link below to the website where you can learn about it too.
That is... IF it's STILL there. I heard it might be taken down because of some big pharma company wants to keep this method hidden from everyone.
It's probably a good idea to click the link right now to make sure you can learn about this "Tropical Rice Secret" for yourself.
Discover how this quick, everyday routine can revitalize your body and turn back the clock!

7second tropical secret

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